21 March 2014

Womenswear Design Development - Refined Freedom.

Hello guys!
So as promised I'm writing a new post about my Made to Measure project (check the first post here).
I'm going to post my main boards and a few portfolio pages I made, with drawing made both by hand and on Adobe Illustrator (or mixed medias).
Enjoy and let me know what you think!!

| Inspiration Board |

| Fabric Board |

| Inspiration page | Sketchbook |

| Illustration |

| Brainstorming | Design development |

Please don't forget to let me know what you think with a comment on the section below!! And if you haven't checked out my other posts on the same 'topic' you can take a look by clicking here!

x, Val.

4 March 2014

Final Menswear Lineup - Refined Freedom.

Hey guys!
So I just came back from Paris last Sunday…it was amazing!! I have so much to tell you and most of all - as it always works better for me - show you through pictures I've taken during my journey. The trip to Paris lasted just three days and two nights, but it was magical and I'll write a whole post about because it definitely deserves its own space in this blog. In the meantime, take a look at my final Menswear Collection for the Tailoring Project I'e talked so much about here.
I'm posting the tailoring project material slowly because it was quite a long one and we had many different assessment components so to show you guys better and explain everything properly I'm just posting bits of everything :)
I made this lineup drawing the figures and clothes by hand, then scanned it in my computer and, after scanning all the fabrics I wanted to use, I added them to the lineup and made a few adjustments on Illustrator.
Hope you'll enjoy and let me know what you think about it - or if you have any question in particular!

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x, Val.