7 September 2013

Come Clothes is finally here.

Hello everyone!
So, as you may have noticed I have finally started my adventure into the intriguing world of blogging.
As probably many of you, I've always been very keen on fashion and the industry in general. Both the hidden side - so the designing process, the pattern making and production of a garment - and the "public" side of fashion have always fascinated me. Last September I started my BA course in Fashion Design at UCA (University for the Creative Arts), in the Uk, and now I feel like I have something to say...and what's  better way to express oneself than keeping a blog? 
I am not sure I am going to be like other fashion bloggers; still I hope my topics are going to be interesting for you.
Being a fashion design student, I will not just write posts about the latest catwalk shows (and some reviews as well), but I will also be able to post tutorials (how to: sketch, draw fashion illustrations, research for inspiration on a certain topic, sew, etc), posts about my days in uni, about my ongoing projects and, if there will be any, internships.
I'm also a photography lover, so you will probably have to cope with lots of (fashion and not) photography posts.
So...excited? Want to read more? Well, I hope I've tickled your curiosity. If so, keep checking for new posts on this blog.
x, Val.


  1. hey, i just came across your blog and am loving your posts :)
    i shall definitely be following you on google+! gemma x

    1. Hi Gemma,
      thank you so much for the support!! I'm glad you like my blog :) keep checking for new updates :)

      x, Val.