11 September 2013

TBT: my summer holidays in Puglia, South Italy.

Hello everyone!
So I've started this post after the summer holidays, but I really wanted to show you the magical and wonderful places I've visited this summer so here it is, on a Wednesday, a throwbackthursday post :)

I went to Puglia, in South Italy, on the 11th of August, basically the hottest and most crowded period of the year to go on holiday in Italy.
Anyway it was a really nice trip, we visited lots of cities (Gallipoli, Lecce, Galatina, Nardo', Otranto and some other small towns), and we went to the beach to relax and sunbathe.
So here are the pictures of my holidays.

The two pictures above are taken from the place we were staying, an old Villa near Cutrofiano.

The streets were all made of this old rock.

The sign indicates that the square we were at was called "Freedom Square"

 A shop that sells meat and fish.

 Love the Baroque architecture of South Italy, it makes everything look so opulent and grand. The ceilings of the churches are amazingly painted and the chandeliers are just gorgeous!

 The "peperoncino" (pepper) is a typical product of those areas. It is a very strong pepper and it's very good for the heart too!

 We were at an amazing place with rocks and no sand beaches. The water was crystal clear - you could drink it if it wasn't salty - and the weather was so hot! My best friend and I built a "shelter" from the sun with a sarong and some small rocks (to hold it)!

 In Gallipoli we went clubbing on a night when Bob Sinclar was playing (at the Caves)! Amazing Dj, he's just so good and he played some old hits like "World, Hold on" and "Love Generation"! I couldn't stop dancing!

 (My mom and I).
Zara silk kimono.
Zara top.
H&M white shorts.

Have you ever been to South Italy?? If yes, where?

x, Val.


  1. I went to Italy this year and I loved it. I did a post about Italy in my blog, call Night Night Rome.
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    All the best :) I am going to follow u

    1. Hi Diana,
      thanks very much for following, i really appreciate it :)
      I am glad you liked Italy..and you know I actually am from Rome!! :D

      x, Val.

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    Love, Julieth Zuleta.

    1. Hi Julieth, thank you very much for nominating me. I have published a post (where your blog's link appears) and I have written all the questions and everything needed :)
      Thanks again and hope we can keep in touch,

      x, Val.

  3. Great post! What a pretty city! Thanks for visiting my blog, sure I would like to follow each other, please follow me first and I will add you right back!


    1. Thanks!! And yes just leave me your links and I will follow you!!